Consequences Of Drug Charges And How A Legal Advisor Can Help You Avoid Them

Posted on: 8 August 2022


An arrest for possessing illegal drugs can open Pandora's Box of unexpected events in your life. For instance, it puts you at risk of getting a jail sentence that can change your life drastically. But the good news is that you can beat drug trafficking charges if you hire a criminal defense lawyer in good time. They will examine your case to determine the penalties you might get and the arguments they can raise to secure your freedom. This article also provides you with essential information regarding drug-related charges. Read on. 

The Penalties You Might Get

The law prescribes tough measures against suspects who traffic or use banned substances. It also specifies the punishment convicted criminals should get depending on the category of the drug and the amount a suspect is found to possess. In most states, cannabis carries the lowest penalties, and beating a conviction for carrying this drug is less challenging. That's because the sale and use of cannabis products are legal in many states. Therefore, you can challenge a charge if you have a drug prescription. Even so, you risk spending time in jail if the police arrest you with large quantities of marijuana.

On the other hand, penalties for trafficking other prohibited drugs are usually severe, and you can get a maximum sentence even if you're a first-time offender. In fact, some drug crimes, such as selling illegal products to underage persons, have a mandatory jail sentence. But you stand a chance of getting a less severe punishment by bringing a criminal defense lawyer on your side. They will strategize ways to have the court minimize or drop your charges. 

How a Conviction May Affect Your Life

While engaging in drug-related crimes, many people don't consider how a conviction can affect their lives. And once caught, they assume securing their freedom is easy, and they can face the prosecution alone. But this is far from the truth. Fighting drug charges is one of the most complex legal tasks. If you don't convince the judge and jury of your innocence, you'll have to spend a lot of time in jail. 

Furthermore, a conviction for making, using, or selling drugs could hinder you from getting a scholarship. A sentenced parent may also lose their child's custodianship rights. That is why hiring a criminal defense lawyer when arrested with such an offense is crucial. They will negotiate with the court for a reduced punishment and ensure your name doesn't get into the criminal records. 

As is evident above, failing to get legal representation when facing drug trafficking charges can lead to severe consequences. But when you hire a drug crime defense attorney immediately after the arrest, you can rest assured of a better outcome.

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