• Is It Possible To Plead A DWI Charge Down?

    Once it has become clear that a charge has a strong chance of sticking, a client may ask a DWI lawyer whether it might be possible to negotiate the charge to a lower one. In some cases, the answer is yes. Here is a look at when a DWI attorney might be able to help you do that and what the possibilities may be. History Is a Big Factor A first-time offender should have a decent chance of seeking a lesser charge.
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  • DUIs And Self-Driving Vehicles

    Do you look forward to the future with self-driving cars? Many people are already using self-driving and autonomous cars to get around. These cars seemingly cause fewer accidents because they have fewer driver errors. But what happens when you get into a self-driving car after you have been drinking alcohol? Could you be charged with a DUI when you are in the driver's seat? What if everybody sitting in the vehicle is intoxicated?
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