• Did A Friend Force You To Drive Dunk After A Party? You May Have A DUI Defense

    After a wild night of drinking with your best friend, you wanted to call a cab to avoid driving drunk. However, your buddy forced you to drive by threatening you, and you are now on trial for a DUI. The good news? You may actually have a usable defense here. DUI Cases Are Often Open-and Shut As you can imagine, most DUI cases are pretty open and shut for the person who was drinking.
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  • House Arrest After Your DUI Conviction: What You Need To Know

    At the sentencing for your DUI conviction, one of the punishments that the judge may order is house arrest. House arrest is often offered to first-time DUI offenders or to those who opt to take advantage of a plea bargain. Here are a few things that you need to know if house arrest is part of your punishment for a DUI. 1. Some States Combine House Arrest with Alcohol Monitoring
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  • Two Possible Defenses For Avoiding And Evading The Police Charge

    If you don't stop when a police officer directs you to, you could end up being charged with evading or eluding the police on top of any other charges you may be hit with as a result of the stop. Although it's generally a misdemeanor, an evading/eluding police charge can still result in you being sent to jail, losing your license, and paying a pretty hefty fine. Here are two possible defenses you can use that may help you avoid getting convicted.
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