Facing Methamphetamine Charges? Here's What You Should Know

Posted on: 28 April 2022


Among the most serious drug penalties that exist are for substances that are commonly used. If you have been accused of possessing methamphetamine, you may find yourself in court facing felony charges.

Whether you have been accused of possessing crystal meth or another form of the drug, you should consider hiring a drug crime attorney. Drug crime attorneys can help you receive a lower punishment for a crime or even prevent conviction in the first place.

What Are Methamphetamine Charges?

Possession of methamphetamine is often a Schedule I offense, which means that knowingly holding this substance could lead to a felony charge. Each state is different, so your state may consider possession and distribution as higher or lower in severity.

Meth charges may also be increased in severity based on factors like location and amount. For example, you could face more severe punishment if you possessed the meth near a park or school where children are known to frequent.

How Can a Drug Crime Attorney Help?

One way that a drug crime attorney will help you is by suggesting to the court that you may not have known that you possessed the methamphetamine. In order to be convicted, you must knowingly possess the drugs, which means that your lawyer may also show that the substances did not belong to you.

The amount of the substance may also be called into question. Proving you had less of the drug than you are accused of could be indicative of the fact that you did not intend to distribute the meth.

Finally, your attorney may demonstrate your intent if you did possess the methamphetamine. Even if you possessed the substances for personal use, the sentence you face could be much less serious than you thought. Mitigating circumstances can help you avoid a significant impact on your life.

Is It Important to Hire a Drug Crime Attorney?

Methamphetamine charges are taken seriously in most states because meth is such a dangerous substance. Meth can be linked to many fatalities, so the courts take these charges seriously. You should take them seriously as well, fighting charges that could lead to years in prison.

If you want to make your best case possible in court, hiring a drug crime attorney is going to be an essential part of your case. Are you ready to fight your charges? Contact an attorney to learn more about getting through your next steps.