What Is The Purpose Of The Discovery Stage In A Criminal Case?

Posted on: 23 July 2019


There are a lot of different stages in criminal cases, and one of the stages is called the discovery stage. This stage occurs in all criminal cases, and it is an important part of the process for the person facing criminal charges. If you are facing a criminal charge, you should understand what the discovery stage is and how it can affect or help your case.

The main point of the discovery stage

The main point of the discovery stage in a criminal case is for both parties involved to have access to all the information, facts, and evidence in the case. At this hearing, the prosecution will have to reveal all the information they have for the case. This could include telling the court about the witnesses they plan on using and showing the evidence they have from the crime scene. Additionally, the defendant, which is you, would have to provide all the evidence and information they have to disprove the prosecution's case. Your lawyer would help you gather this evidence and would present it to the court.

Types of information transferred at this hearing

The first type of information that might be discussed at the case is the police report and the officer's testimony from the crime scene. Anyone who witnessed the accident might also be discussed at this hearing. If you have an alibi, your lawyer will bring this up and will name this person. The court might also have physical evidence to present for either side of the case, or there might be DNA evidence.

How to use this information to help your case

The purpose of a discovery hearing is to give both sides of the case a fair chance. When your lawyer hears what the prosecution has to offer, it can give your lawyer a better understanding of how to proceed with the case. If your lawyer finds out all the evidence clearly proves your guilty, your lawyer might push for a plea bargain. If the evidence points towards your innocence, your lawyer might push to have the case dismissed. Your lawyer will carefully analyze all the information presented at this hearing to help you get the best results for your criminal case.

If you are going through any type of criminal case, it is vital to have a criminal defense attorney helping you. You can hire one by contacting a criminal law firm of your choice.