In A Personal Injury Case, Your Attorney Will Use A Surveillance Expert To Analyze Any Relevant Security Footage

Posted on: 28 September 2018


Security camera footage can be one of your biggest allies in a slip-and-fall scenario or any other type of personal injury case. However, the other party that was involved in your accident may be reluctant for your legal team to see the security footage. Fortunately, your personal injury attorney can appeal to the court to make the other party turn over the footage, at which time your attorney's investigator can analyze it. Personal injury attorneys have a variety of investigators at their disposal, including those who are experts in video surveillance. Here are some things that the expert can identify.

If The Footage Has Been Edited

Sometimes, a negligent party may seek to edit the security footage that clearly shows your fall or other injury. The party may feel that without this footage, your injury case will be difficult to prove — and this can limit the other party's financial liability. Edited footage might be challenging for the layperson to notice, but a digital surveillance expert to will be able to discern whether this is the case. Reporting to the court that the other party has deliberately doctored the footage can help your case.

If The Footage Is From Another Time

It's also possible, knowing that the video footage of your accident would be beneficial to your case, for the other party to intentionally provide video footage from a day other than the day of your accident. Your personal injury attorney's digital surveillance expert will look into the recording's data to determine when it's from. For example, if the other party says that you made up the accident and injury because there's no proof of it on the recording, the expert will look to ensure when the recording is actually from.

If The Footage Is Time Lapsed

Sometimes, surveillance cameras will record time-lapse images, rather than a consistent video stream. For example, a camera may snap an image every 10, 20, or 30 seconds, and this footage can still be valuable in many different scenarios. However, if the submitted footage is time lapse, it's possible that it may not show your injury. For example, if you had a nasty fall but quickly got up and continued on your way, all of this may have happened before the camera snapped another shot. In many cases, the expertise of your personal injury attorney's digital surveillance expert will be instrumental to the success of your case.

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